Using 3freewordsaday

Yes, 3freewordsaday is a blog.  And as such, it has posts. Namely daily posts consisting of three free vocabulary words each day. But 3freewordsaday is also a web site and is set up in a “pages” format. Confusing?  Just think of the blog portion as one of the pages. Actually, it is!

You can see on the menu at the top all the pages published here. Pretty easy to guess what you might find under each heading. Scan down until you see “This Week’s Words.” That is where you will find the posts I publish to the blog. After that initial week, published words will be copied to their respective “pages.” These contortions facilitate better learning. But rest assured, all original posts and comments will be archived with no manipulation at all.


Time to be articulate. Your comments are welcome!

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