Our New Word Source

While running a completely un-3freewordsaday errand last week, I stumbled upon a gem of a word book. (I do actually troll for new word sources, but not on this day.) I found the book in a most unlikely place, a place one might not think a book would even be. And guess how much it cost me. Exactly $1.50.

As you might have guessed, I have a plethora of bookshelves in my home office. And they are bursting. So I thought I might stack the overflow in shallow cupboards above the existing cases. (I chose cupboards instead of shelves because I have cats.) Our local Habitat for Humanity reclamation centers offer salvaged and new home fixtures for sale.

I wasn’t surprised to find an oak cupboard (for $15) that matched the oak bookcase above which I wanted to shelve excess books. I was, however, surprised to find books for sale in another part of the building. Hard cover books $3, soft cover books $1.50. Of course I browsed. And what did I find? Vocabulary for College I by Paul B. Diederich and Sydell Terris Carlton. Publication date, 1965. If I were to guess, I’d guess that the books I saw were salvaged from estate situations. I bought others that are not relevant to this blog but are very nice. So along with the wooden casement windows and other vintage fixtures, refurbishers are reclaiming household items as well. Thanks to them we now have a book that outlines a college level vocabulary!


Time to be articulate. Your comments are welcome!

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