As in “a grow”–one or more marijuana plants in a delineated area under intentional cultivation.

Yes, it is January 1, 2014 in America and that means new laws go into effect and old laws go off the books. And in one state in the Union the buying, selling, and using of marijuana (if you’re over 21) is now legal for recreation. However you feel about this, you are here at 3freewordsaday to upgrade your vocabulary and today is the appropriate time to learn the usage of a marijuana grow.

The term has been in the vernacular of the underground industry of buying and selling marijuana for years. Now it is coming into the mainstream as the industry comes into legality. But it has yet to enter the dictionaries save for the Urban Dictionary.com and there incorrectly and as slang with other definitions.

A grow is a NOUN. And apart from the heretofore slang usage of the term for any number of things, it is used by the DEA to mean a segment of soil or water wherein the intentional cultivation of marijuana plants takes place, whether illegally or legally.

Happy New Year…


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