Synonyms: correct, right, true

Correct defined:  something true, right or proper.  An example of correct used as an adjective is the phrase “correct procedure,” such as baking a cheese cake in a springform pan is the correct procedure.  ADJECTIVE–Your

It wasn’t until the televised O.J. Simpson trial that I heard the word correct used as affirmative.  If someone asks you a question, how do you answer them in the affirmative?  Do you say “yes?”

Question: “And it was after the second thump that you heard the door close?”  

Answer: “Yes.”

Or do you answer right?  Or true? How about correct?  That’s right, that’s true, or that’s correct are all proper answers in the affirmative.  They each have in them an adjective that describes that which is a reference to the question–providing the question is asked in such a way that a yes answer will do–or to a statement.  (Lawyers are skilled at asking rhetorical questions.) But consider the following:

Do you want mashed potatoes with pork chops tonight?

Did you take the car to the car wash today?

Did you hear that?

Would that is correct answer any of them?  I don’t think so. The best answer would be a simple yes or no.  But if asked, “You knew there was only one potato left before you asked for mashed potatoes for dinner didn’t you,” could you answer correct?  The question implies the answer is affirmative (rhetorical), so I think correct would work.  However, if you re-read the definition of correct above, you will see that to correct (VERB) and correct (as in correct procedure) (ADJECTIVE) in no way translate to one word answers.  I think correct used as an affirmative should be left in the courtroom, if it must be used in that capacity at all.  That in mind, read the following definitions of right and true.

Right defined:  something is the correct, proper or moral choice or something that is true or correct.  NOUN

  1. An example of right is honesty.
  2. An example of right is an answer that is correct.  (ADJECTIVE) —Your

True defined:  being loyal, something that is real, factually correct, accurate or provable.  ADJECTIVE

  1. An example of true is a friend who is loyal and honest.
  2. An example of true is a fact that has been proven to be correct. —Your

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