Synonyms: assuage, relieve, quiet

Assuage defined:  to make better or lessen; fulfill the needs of; to pacify  VERB —Your

Some definitions equate assuage with the ministering of a nurse.   Assuage would best describe a caring act.  The kindness accompanied by the relieving or the quieting of a problem.  So to relieve someone or to quiet their ills is to assuage them.

Relieve and quiet used this way bring to mind the tender attentions of a parent, perhaps.  As synonyms of assuage, they seem to convey the kindness and caring of that word as opposed to a word that means simply to stop; stopping the pain is not to assuage the pain.

Relieve defined:  to reduce or remove (something, such as pain or an unpleasant feeling) : to make (a problem) less serious  VERB–

Quiet defined:

14. to make quiet.
15. to make tranquil or peaceful; pacify.
16. to calm mentally, as a person.
17. to allay (tumult, doubt, fear, etc.).
18. to silence.

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