Defined:  The definition of a clarion is a trumpet with a clear high pitched tone.  The instrument used by medieval armies for instruction in battle is an example of a clarion.  NOUN  Clarion is defined as something loud and clear. The sound made by a fire truck’s siren is an example of clarion.  ADJECTIVE (Your

The clarion call to halt the tragedy in Syria was heard around the world.  ADJECTIVE


One thought on “Clarion

  1. I can’t find it right now, but “clarion” reminds me of an old “car audio and beyond” commercial. I’ve found the company (Clarion), a hotel (chain) and machine guns… If one wants to find a trumpet, must specify “clarion trumpet”, or “clarion musical instruments”. It means that it is a word that lost its initial meaning to the general public. It is my opinion as a non-English native speaker. The definition in your post, on the other hand, clearly pointed that long trumpet!

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