Defined:  “To parlay is to take something you have or something you win and transform it into something more valuable. (verb) When you win $100 at the casino and you bet that $100 and end up winning thousands, this is an example of when you parlay your winnings. The definition of a parlay is a series of bets in which the money you have won is used as the stake for your next bet. (noun) If you win $10, then bet that $10; then win $20 and bet the full $30 you have won so far, this is an example of a parlay.” (YourDictionary definition and usage example. Copyright © 2013 by LoveToKnow Corp.)

I don’t gamble with real money.  At least not my own.  And I limit what I allow myself to lose in virtual chips on Facebook’s Texas Hold ’em game.  The longer I win, the longer I can play.  Which is an example of how parlay is defined above. But to parlay one’s hobby into a career fits too.  To take anything and turn it into something better is parlay in verb form.  “Her parlay from hostess at the local pancake house to dealer at the local casino was a good move up for her,” is parlay as a noun.

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More Definitions:

1 : to bet in a parlay
2 a : to exploit successfully
b : to increase or otherwise transform into something of much greater value
Origin of PARLAY

French paroli, noun, parlay, from Italian dialect, plural of parolo, perhaps from paro equal, from Latin par
First Known Use: 1828



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